Note: I do not recommend this TV show to people suffering from a severe depression meaning being suicidal. Leave it for later, better work on other things like loving yourself. And others who got out of that darkness also be aware that it most likely will affect you. Thus, make sure you are not alone and have someone to talk to.

  1. the action takes place in a high school for a reason

This show is in many ways very educative. I believe that one of the reasons why they chose to tell the story about teenagers is that it depicts many everyday problems that we do not get to learn about while at school. Or do we? Life always lives. And in this TV show, there are many characters to relate to in one way or another. The thing is that when we graduate we still don’t know how to handle the real-life situations as off accepting ourselves as we are, choosing the values we are going to follow (not just believe that we do), what is friendship, what is love, who are the most important people in your life and how to understand who isn’t, what is lie and when to say the truth, what is right, the impacts of being of one sex or another, the effect of having concepts as race, orientation or being in one social group or another, what are signs of severe depression, what is to be sexually assaulted, raped and what to do about it to move on, etc, etc…

3.  good acting

What can I say? The producers of this show involved a lot of professionals in their specialisations, such as doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, as well as consulting the actual victims who would be willingly helping the actors to feel how does it feel like to experience one thing or another. I didn’t put as another point (even though is worth getting on the list) all the crews work, however, this is just my interest when watching TV shows or movies to pay attention to the technicalities of acting performance done.

  1. interesting and catchy

you just keep on bindging

  1. Advisory messages

Each episode that is going to include certain scenes will start with an advisory note about the upcoming content. This way, you can mentally prepare that you are going to see something that might affect you. Be aware of it and do not overestimate your mental state. I experienced quite a reaction and got depression symptoms worse for a few days. So, be cautious!

  1. Seeks to give people a shout-out

Always by the end of an episode, there is a reminder that if you are in crisis, you should look for help and tells to go on their website to get more info about it

  1. pictures mental problems

There is space to present mental issues and illnesses such as depression, anxiety disorder, bipolar syndrome, PTSD, schizophrenia, alcoholism, drug addictions. At some extent, it not only seeks to picture how it feels but also shows the reason why people get in drugs, alcohol and other shit: it helps people to escape the reality and not feel pain.

  1. idea of a modern society is under a microscope

Each character represents a different social class or group (and in between them) and what does it feel like to be a part of one of them. The gender issues and sexual assault is under the screw. The fact that the creators use real-life experiences is something that every watcher should keep in mind. Maybe that will help to understand better some people you have met before or are in your life.

  1. The popularity

Not that the lists should be the ones to trust when choosing what would interest you the most, but it is true that this tv show became popular very quickly, and for a reason(s). On IMDB now it has an overall of 8,1 rating (10\10\2018), but I also think that the dropdown from a higher average that it used to be is related to how uncomfortable the content became in comparison to the first season.

  1. It leaves you to decide

The TV show seeks to picture life as real as possible. Also, there is an idea of showing every situation in different points of views or how it can is seen from somebody’s else’s shoes. This way, the viewer can individually decide what is right and what isn’t.

11. it makes you think

  1. it makes you feel

  2. it helped me heal

I did experience a fallback but generally speaking, I can feel that it was for a good cause and directing to move forwards.


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