Music Follows Person Throughout His life

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On my darkest days, I crave for silence. Or actually, I don’t hear anything anymore, n.othing around me but my thoughts. Never mind the reason, while getting better I realised how much more I appreciate music now. I started looking for new artists, or I go back to my long forgotten favourite bands. Now I listen to lyrics much more, appreciate sounds and compositions better, enjoy skills and talents.

Also, now that I came back to music I wonder when the moment that I lost this joy for music was? There was a time when I would listen to music almost all the time since morning till night, there would be a radio station on, or I would put records on. Later, as technologies advance, I would enjoy music while going from point A to point B (as you can’t be listening to music all day long, it’s not holidays, and you are not at home, there are rules to follow).

I think I lost the appreciation for music while going from point A to point B, and I dropped it somewhere on the way. My favourite songs became sounds. Even worse, the lyrics turned into something that would disturb the chatter in my head, would not let me think. Words that used to inspire me became something I didn’t want to hear. Incorrectly said, inspiring words started bothering me.

While I am still not sure why did that happen, I progress in remembering that yes, at some point I wouldn’t make an effort to put something on to listen to anymore. And that’s how music vanished from my life.

Now, that I managed to make some steps up that hill, some footsteps out the pit, I listen to music again. I can’t be happier to find new artists, rediscover old favourite songs. But as experiencing the joy of music once again, I observed that sometimes while listening to a song, to its lyrics, I can be sure about what’s being said. However, at some point, I would find out that the words of the song are not exactly as I thought they were.

I want to share a doubt whether this happens only to me or does it occur with others too? I know I am not a native speaker, so that happens much more to me than to natives. But then, when I think about it, sometimes I misunderstand the lyrics in Lithuanian too. Do I hear what I want to hear or does my brain choose for me?

Either way, what I hear makes more sense to me, my brain chose to pick that meaning. And that is fine. Isn’t art supposed to be interpreted in a way that you feel the most suiting you?

This section of my blog is to share my thoughts about the beauty of some songs. Music in general. And who knows maybe as it’s healing me, it will heal somebody else.

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