My name is Lina, I was born on Easter morning in 1989, in Prienai, a small town in Lithuania, which at that time was part of Soviet Union. Being raised in an independent, quickly developing country which joined the European Union in 2004, I had opportunities to become a global citizen. One year after graduating from high school in 2007, I entered Vilnius University where studied Oriental studies. Thanks to some great teachers I had, I got acquainted with numerous topics about Chinese civilisation and culture including the philosophical teachings of this mother civilisation of the Far East. 2010-2011 was a crucial year for me because it was the very first time I moved abroad to do my Erasmus exchange year at the University of Iceland, in Reykjavik. After that, I spent almost half a year in  Salamanca, Spain, and one year in Ningbo, China. Then I moved to Denmark where I did part of my MSc studies in Development and International Relations, graduating from them the next year at the University of International Relations in Beijing, China. Now I have been living in Paris, France since August 2015.

Why did I start writing a blog? I reached a point in my life where I found out that when there are too many thoughts in my head, it’s better to write them down. Writing is a form of therapy, a way of letting those thoughts to stop haunting you. This blog is a space where my ideas are expressed and hopefully when read by others, could offer some consoling for people who have been troubled by the same questions about our world, reality, and every-day situations.