I know your works: you are neither cold nor hot. Would that you were either cold or hot.
So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth.

Book of Revelation 3:15




I didn’t grow up in a religious family. I am from a Catholic country, but my parents were never going to church unless it was a must: funeral, wedding, christening… My dad sometimes would go to church on the Easter morning, but that was it.

I don’t know who thought me to pray, perhaps, my grandmother. I remember going for a walk with her one day when she asked if I wanted to go to church, I said yes, so we did. I can’t recall my questions to her afterwards nor what did she tell me. But I remember that the next day when passing by the same church and asked if we could enter it again, she said: “what, do you want to be seen as a bigot?”

I also remember that I was praying to God when I was really little and my father would come back home wasted by alcohol and then there would be shouts and yelling and fights in the hall, my mum trying to put him to sleep. I was praying, even though I have no memory of being thought neither introduced to it. I guess I did because I was scared and every time I asked for the same: “God, please make my father stop drinking”.

I don’t know if that was God’s will or my dad’s, but he stopped drinking. And then one day a theatre together with the church came to my life. Why together? Because I joined the after-school drama club and our director was a priest. He introduced me to a theatre and acting as well as I later chose to go to a church most of the Sundays for 3 or 4 years.

Many years have passed since then. Many things occurred in my life. Many doubts and questions crossed my mind, too many disappointments made me stop being reactive to religious events. I still have an interest, but more from psychological and anthropological perspectives than believing in the stories being something that should be understood literally. I have great respect for those writings as I have for Greek mythology, Chinese believing systems, Egyptian Gods and any other religious practices and stories. I have respect to them as to many creations that grew into socially wide movements which made a bigger or smaller impact to its civilisation.

Stories I heard at church were tales to me — tales as myths and legends that teach us about how humans are. And sometimes I get caught thinking upon what does that mean for Sisyphus to understand that his achievement is to channel a lesson to the entire humanity thus he keeps on pushing that rock up because he became immortal. How that is not a wicked plan to put only two of each species on a boat and later make incest be the only way to repopulate the earth – in so many distant cultures this story being the same! How come Adam and Eve raised a killer? What is it all about the Knowledge tree and God lying in the Bible’s verses?

I mentioned just a few of them. Lately, I started thinking about this specific phrase from the Book of Revelation that is mentioned in the quote. It’s about the moment when God makes it clear that you got to be either hot or cold otherwise you are fucked. Ok, there is a different analysis, and it’s also explained by church what you have to understand from this story. I didn’t do much of already existing content analysis, only read a very few considering how many can be found on the internet. And I am not suggesting mine being anything but just thoughts what does this story make me consider.

Being hot or cold is the way to be. Why does God support the extremes? Black or white, light or darkness, life or death, aren’t they all something we all trying not to choose by applying something in the middle? From white to black – that are not even colours but we consider them being ones – there are so many different hues, and didn’t God create them? What is it about being hot and cold and when is it cold enough? When is it hot for God’s taste?

Or maybe the hot and cold is about internal passion for something. Could it be? Like what God says is that be hot (a.k.a. passionate) about what you are doing or don’t do it at all. And if you don’t like something you are doing then become cold about it and just stop. Spit it out, like I will spit you out if you do not enjoy what is that you are having. Appreciate if you like it, don’t be neutral if something makes you feel good or better, dive into it, otherwise leave it, spit it out and move on.

God knows whether you are cold or hot enough just by feeling, tasting you. He tests if you create steam in divinity’s mouth or freeze it. Only that will count. Don’t be average, choose a side. Half-full glass or half empty. Darth Wader or Luke Skywalker? Day or Night? Ice or Fire? Are you pro-life or pro-death?

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