We hope that the world will pan out well for us and that some of the fairytales will happen in our lives.


Hope is considered to be a positive thing, something we should never lose, something we should always hold on to.

But there is another thing that sometimes is very similar to hope. And that is something that it’s better to avoid. Having it does no good.


What is hope and what is an expectation? What is that silver line between them that makes such a crucial difference?

Expectations lead to disappointment. Hope leads to acceptance. I think that would be my answer on what is the difference between them.

To remain hopeful, I think it’s essential to make your list of expectations that is better to get rid of.

So here is my list, for me to work on:

  1. Do not expect people to listen.

People don’t listen – at least most of them don’t. People assume, judge, jump to conclusions, misinterpret your words, chooses certain words of yours against you… and that’s due to the lack of listening skills. That’s a common problem, many of us didn’t achieve a high level of listening ability. Don’t blame others for that, start with yourself. Do you actually listen to your own thoughts? Those conversations in your head that you replay over and over and over again… Maybe they will stop once you listen. Hear them and give a needed reaction to handle them.

  1. Overall don’t expect anything from others

Majority of us are self-centred, that’s, the unfortunate truth. Most of us are egoists thinking only about ourselves. Also accept that if that’s how you feel about others, maybe your behaviour is part of the problem? When was the last time you cared about other people? Called to check on them? Sent them a sweet word? Gave a random hug? Love creates love. Start by hoping that your love will bring more love to you. But don’t expect it to happen or that others will do it for you out of the blue.y,

I guess it was firstly and secondly. I might update this post once I know more about it.

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