Išnaudoti savo teisę į pohui – Use your right to not give a fuck”

Oleg Šurajev



We all make many mistakes in our lives. Some are bigger than others. For some of them, the price is tremendous. From some, there is no way back, no way to fix it.

They say that wise people learn from other peoples’ mistakes, average from their own and stupid people never learn.

They say that it is imperative to be aware that failures and mistakes are part of life. That they are just lessons and all of us, have a backpack where we collect our knowledge based on what we went through, what we got exposed to.

Nevertheless, when we come across a new one, sometimes we react strongly about it beating ourselves up for failing again.

For me, that’s where it is critical to use the right not to give a fuck. Don’t get me wrong – learning, moving forward, improving yourself is fundamental and consequentially mistakes are part of it. Give a shit about your encounters in life but know when is time to let go and move on. Forgive yourself that you didn’t know certain things or overlooked situations, admit for not being wise enough at that given moment, accept that you did not pay attention to examples where you could have learned things through other peoples’ experiences.

The right not to give a fuck is an acceptance that the past is gone and only the best out of each situation should be kept in your bag of life experiences.

I am not saying to use the right not to give a fuck to failure but to the sadness that comes after it. To the feeling of disappointment that things didn’t go as we wanted. In the end, that’s what a failure is. I am not saying to use the right not to give a fuck about a mistake you made, I mean look at it, analyse it, learn from it and let it go. Fuck that melancholy that comes with it.

Use your right not to give a fuck to what those thoughts tell you, push them away and concentrate either on fixing or letting it go. Actively choose to do something else instead of spending time with those thoughts. Hear them and let them go away.

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