An eight-year-old girl Saga from Sweden pulled out a sword out of a river in summer 2018. Archaeologists say that the sword must be from the 5th or 6th century, which would mean it was there in the river even before the Vikings. After more research was done, also a broch from those days was found as well as the consideration that the area used to be a sacrificial site.

At the end of this post, there are links if you’d like to read more about it. I did not come up with this story, it’s real 🙂

Now, the legend about King Arthur says him getting the sword from a lady from the lake. That was considered as a proof that he was the righteous king. Of course, a little girl pulling out a sword reminded people about this legend, just instead of a boy, there is a girl who got that ancient weapon. Also, the founder is not going to keep a sword and fight the enemies with it, as the legend about King Arthur tells us, the finding is going to be kept in a local museum. Saga’s parents would like to make a replica of the sword that she could have a reminder of this extraordinary founding.

A sweet little girl Saga pulling out an ancient sword is truly inspiring. First, not a boy but a girl. And that is such a beautiful accidental event representing so well what women are fighting for. Yes, we also want swords and guns to play – that is even more necessary considering how many women get attacked by men. We want to learn how to fight not only to cook and take care of babies. We want to learn that since we are girls not start learning when we are exposed to situations where we need to defend ourselves.

How beautiful it is that this girl’s name is Saga. Saga means a story about ancient Germanic history, it’s a prose tale with poems about heroic days of the past. Unsurprisingly, tales about worthy men. The word saga, depicting the glorious men, became a common name for girls in Nordic countries. Women were not glorious, as, in most of the cultures, there were only a few legendary women. The ages passed by but today even women names present how deeply rooted gender inequalities are.

Oh yes, of course in some countries women have the right to vote for as nearly a century but that doesn’t represent the general situation on earth, does it? We should look at it from a bigger perspective. If we are lucky to have descendants learning the Earth History one day in a far future, the days we live in and fights and social movements we witness will be a marking point. If we look back we can only see how worse it was for women, and God help us, little by little things are changing. The third millennium is already different than the ones before.

Saga pulls a sword from the lake. What does she say about it? She confirms being aware of the story about King Arthur but says that she would like to be a vet or an actress in the future, not a queen. The eight-year-old is clever to understand that just because she got a sword it doesn’t make her a queen. Because, yes, oh, yes, there are already believers out there thinking that she is supposed to be the queen of Sweden. But I trust wisdom sometimes is an inborn skill.

I guess Saga, as her name suggests, could promise great stories. As the other girl could if only had possibility and access as boys, everywhere, no matter which country that is. I also think that she should never be a queen. Why? Because when I think of a word queen, it immediately comes to me as ‘a king’s wife’. When I think of a word King, the first thought is the ruler, not the queen’s husband. That’s why if she desires, one day she could be a king. Or a CEO or an IT engineer, if she wishes so.

I also like this story because I find it inspiring. Imagine a writer could create a story what could happen with her life, or what if a girl found a sword some decades earlier. To portray what women’s lifes are. Only the sword for a girl is not enough. We always ask from girls for more not only a full set of tools that men carry. Men can just bring the tools no matter what the occupation is and it will without a question make him much more reliable than a woman. Unless that woman has already a built up reputation in the area, proven skills to be trusted. If not, we look at it suspiciously. A woman doing what men do? Come on, there must be something about that! And even if she is good sometimes that will not be enough by the ones who get jealous of her skills. Maybe she is a slut, that would quite often come across those minds instead of admitting that a woman is as much capable as any man is.

I love how charming this story is, how Saga’s name matches it. We don’t know the story of that sword, who did it belong to, why did it end up where it did. That could be an inspiration for creators too! All great stories inspire for more, don’t they? It’s a little miracle one could choose to believe. But what does it story actually tell us despite the legend and how nicely it matches today’s social movements. After reading a few articles on different news portals about this event, I cannot be saddened enough about what is being overlooked here. The fact that global warming is unfreezing what was burried centuries ago. And I cannot help myself but compare it with the Game of Thrones, the winter is comming together with the ones that once died in it.

Maybe Gods like playing games, as the ancient Greek saying ἀνερρίφθω κύβος, or Latin version Alea Iacta Est – the die were cast. In the Iliad, we read how Gods keep throwing dice and it’s all a game who wins and who dies. Maybe it’s time to get our swords out, whether a boy, a girl, black, yellow, tall, fat, high-skilled or low born, nothing matters once you get a sword pulled out from a lake and have a good cause and mean to fight for something that matters to everyone, that in everyone’s eyes would make her or him a rightful King to follow.


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