Those who are familiar with a TV show Parcs and Recreation most likely remember an idea of the Treat Yourself Day. I believe it’s genuinely a great idea because many of us struggle to apply a habit to treat ourselves with love. It’s a very simple, self-explanatory idea that can be applied by anyone and can include whatever the person feels like including. I think that we should start applying this model at least once in a while, in order that one day every day becomes a Treat Yourself day.
A couple of weeks ago I checked my bank account and, as it normally goes, I was sure the amount I see there will just make me upset. To my biggest surprise, I found out that this month I am doing much better than usually and I decided to get myself a present – basically spend the money as an encouragement for saving money. Illogical but it doesn’t matter, it’s my money and I can do whatever I want with it without excusing or explaining myself to me. However, I decided to be reasonable and not to spend too much – in the end it’s just an encouragement gift and I still need to save money in order to be able to pay my taxes in September.

So, what do I get? How do I treat myself?

I thought of two options. Option one: something for my body. I thought, why not to refresh my closet and get some new dress or a blouse or some other lovely attire. It’s summer, it’s hot, I love wearing dresses, why not to enjoy the feeling of wearing something new?

Option two: something for my mind. I am a geek or at least some people consider me being a geek and give this title to me just because I like playing computer games. I have a steam account and even though I don’t go there often, out of curiosity I had a look on discounts and games and thought why not to buy a new one and have fun? Browsing through the offers and looking trailers of games made me excited about the entertainment I could have.

I posted my dilemma on my Facebook wall:

Not that I care much about what people think about me but I like raising questions and publish them on my wall because sometimes people give interesting ideas or it ends up having a conversation with somebody that haven’t talked for some time. That’s exactly what the result was this time too, thus, I remained unsure what that treat for myself could be.

But then something weird happened. And even though my intuition always sucks this time it was not an intuition that spoke to me but a gut feeling. I think these two are separate things because a gut feeling is a sensation about something being right while intuition is more about sensing what is going to happen. At least that’s how I see it.

Before I go to sleep I often listen to a guided sleep meditation or sleep hypnosis, most of the times the ones by Michael Sealey who is an amazing hypnotherapist. As a person who doesn’t have enough money to afford therapy in France I have to look for alternative ways to help myself to fight depression which was diagnosed a year ago. And I can only strongly recommend meditation, hypnosis as a powerful tool to improve your well-being.

So, one evening before going to sleep I got an ad before starting the hypnosis session popping up on the screen of my phone because I am lazy to install adblock on this device (no explanation to give).  And that was the first time I heard about Mindvalley. watched the video and didnt pay more attention to it. But then it happened again the next day. Then I saw the name popping up again. I know about the cookies, there is no much rocket science about it and why, however, this time everything happened very naturally and I ended up watching the Bending Reality on their website getting a 63% off for the Becoming Limitless course. I had a thought of it being a scam, thus, did a research on many things they were saying in their videos. I just can’t explain why and how and what is behind but I have a strong pull towards it, thus, I bought the course.

The main reason why I did that was this thought in my head – maybe I shouldn’t buy anything for my body nor for my mind. Maybe, the time has come to buy something for the third component of me. The one that I dont know how to call it but I know is real. Because there is me, my body and my mind. My body is my hardware, my mind is my software and me is my operational system which I didnt pay attention to for many years and I know it needs a new version. Why not let that be a treat for myself?


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