The same hand of yours comforts me or pushes me down

It pets me

It slaps me

It takes my hand to hold

It  gives me the razor

The same hand of yours is something for me to hold on to

It’s like the only thing I can see in that darkness

It leads me out of it

It guides me

And the same hand of yours holds my head under the water

I can’t breath, I am lost, I am scared

and then I see the same hand be given to me

to be dragged out

And every time it doesn’t let me drown it forces me to choke on the water later

It’s endless

this fight is endless

is it a fight between you and me or a fight for my life?

The same hand of yours is either gentle or cruel

And it changes so often so fast

I don’t know what is real


I need your hand to be away from me

I’ll let it go unless you hold it

this time for real

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